For over 50 years, the principals at BUI have partnered with financial service professionals to implement wealth transfer and wealth protection strategies frequently employing life insurance and long term care insurance.






“While each of BUI’s evaluation processes has a different focus, they each follow the same basic structure. BUI provides me with a one page reference document and an Information Gathering Kit. All I have to do is explain to my client the value of the process and then complete the Information Gathering Kit. At that point, BUI takes the ball and runs with it. It couldn’t be any easier!”

Fee Based,Comprehensive Financial Planner
San Diego, CA


“I’ve spent years working diligently to grow my clients’ assets. Many of my clients have experienced great investment growth in combination with very successful careers. For many, wealth transfer has become an even greater concern than retirement distribution. BUI’s partnership helps to ensure my clients’ concerns are addressed and that I am able to stay very involved in the process, without having to be the expert. “

Investment Manager, Ranked Top Tier in Assets Under Management by a National Broker/Dealer
Chesterfield, MO


“I’ve had half a dozen of my high net worth clients participate in the Estate Evaluation process. There has never been a single part of my business that has done more to elevate my relationship with my clients than this one. By sitting on the same side of the table as my clients, I have entered into a whole new relationship dynamic. Everything from the output to the presentation is top-shelf.”

Fee Only Planner
Overland Park, KS


“My client had been paying her life insurance premium diligently for over twenty years. I suggested to her that we conduct a Performance Evaluation to make sure the policy is stable. BUI’s process made it very easy for me to leverage time and expertise, and it allowed my client to cease premium payments, add a lifetime guarantee and maintain a similar death benefit.”

Private Banker
Scottsdale, AZ


“I invited five of my business owner clients to participate in this “Business Succession Evaluation” process. I was shocked to learn that four of them had not even started creating a plan, and the one who did have a buy/sell agreement in place, did not have it funded. This process is absolutely critical for a business owner.”

Property & Casualty/Group Benefits Producer
Columbus, OH


“I encourage all of my clients over age 50 to participate in BUI’s LTC Evaluation. This process allows me to provide my clients with longevity planning options that are tailored to their individual concerns and provides documentation for my compliance files that the need was addressed.”

Financial Advisor
Fort Worth, TX

Our Story
Over 50 years ago, BUI’s founder, Jerry Tessler, began his work as a pioneer in the life insurance brokerage business. At that time, BUI’s primary focus was impaired risk (or substandard) underwriting with the goal of helping families who were otherwise left uninsured in a narrow, rigid marketplace. In the mid ‘70’s, after splitting with his business partner, Jerry formed Brokerage Unlimited, Inc. (BUI). Through the decades, BUI’s sophistication and resources continued to broaden, as did its geographic presence, expanding from the greater St. Louis area to across the United States. In the mid ‘90’s, Michael Tessler became President and Owner. Since then, the company has become known simply as BUI and has grown to become a leading BGA in the nation.
The Benefits of Partnership

BUI provides consultative, interactive guidance in the areas of life insurance, long term care insurance and annuities. From everyday term cases, to complex estate and business planning cases, BUI’s resources make it easy for advisors. Insurance and financial professionals rely on BUI to provide objective insurance solutions for their clients. The benefits of a partnership include:

Advisors have peace of mind in knowing clients’ best interests are being placed at the forefront of every interaction.

Advisors who call during normal business hours speak to a live person and have dedicated, tenured point people for Case Design, Case Management, Licensing, Marketing and In-Force Policy Service.

Turn-key evaluations make it easy to address insurance in a simple, process-driven and proactive fashion.

Products are researched through dozens of carriers to ensure the best possible options are provided. BUI is not owned or controlled by an insurance carrier.

Advisors have access to BUI’s classically-trained, in-house underwriters who represent the best opportunity to place cases at a favorable rate.

Working with BUI’s advanced planning team translates into exceptionally sophisticated resources in estate planning and business succession planning.

User-friendly support tools make it easy for advisors to maximize time interacting with clients and minimize costly, time-consuming overhead.

Partnering with BUI has proven to enhance client relationships, lead to new client introductions and increase revenue.

Planning & Evaluations
BUI provides turn-key evaluation processes that make it easy and comfortable for advisors to engage clients about insurance topics, including:

The review of the performance of existing, permanent life insurance policies.

An analysis of a client’s Long Term Care insurance options based upon stated goals and objectives.

A robust review of a high net worth client’s estate plan by a qualified estate planning expert.

The review of an existing business succession plan or the blue print of a new plan, if one does not currently exist.

An analysis of the loss of a key employee on a client’s business.

Ascertaining an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage to replace lost income upon a client’s death.

While each process has a different focus, they all follow the same basic structure, making it easy and predictable to leverage the heavy-lifting and expertise onto the BUI team.

BUI provides client explanation documents that make it easy to communicate the benefits of participation to your client(s).

BUI provides an Information Gathering Kit that initiates the process. Once completed with your client, submit to BUI and the analysis begins.

Upon completion of the analysis, BUI provides a polished report summarizing your client’s options. An expert from BUI will even participate in a joint meeting with the client(s).







Boutique Experience with National Clout

As a consistent top-producing agency with LIBRA Insurance Partners, a national life insurance marketing organization, BUI has relationships and resources that translate into exceptional underwriting, service, and advanced planning support. LIBRA Insurance Partners is among the top tier in production with nearly every major life insurance company in today’s market. Through this nationwide consortium, BUI enjoys extraordinary relationships with premier life, long-term care and annuity providers and their broad array of products and services.